Can I order a set but have the bralette and thong different sizes?


- Yes of course! When you go to the website link for the set, there is a section to add a note for your exact bra size. You can let us know what size you would prefer for both the bralette and thong in that same section and we will customize your set for you!



Why is there a section on the item pages for bra size? 


- This allows us to make the most accurate and secure bralette for you! The more we know, the more secure.



Do you have a measurement chart?


- Yes, we do. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the item pages to check the size chart! The size chart will help you to choose the best size for you based on your measurements.



Why the bow-tie effect? 


- Our bow tie effect gives you the freedom to wear the bralette as fitted and as loose as you'd like! Comfort is number one!



Are the straps on both the bra and thong adjustable?


- Yes, they are! As we said, comfort is number one.



How do you ship orders to Saint Kitts and Nevis?


- Orders to Saint Kitts and Nevis will be shipped in bulk. We are trying our best to minimize the clearance fees for our SKN bombshells. Once the orders arrive to skn, they will be cleared by one of our members and you will be contacted via phone or email to receive your order!




Shop til' you drop and be sure to contact us with any questions that you may have!